Page Cannot be Displayed – Fixed

PROBLEM: Page Cannot be Displayed

10:30 – Received Call

Last Thursday I (Denise) was working on MARIS and then crazy things started happening. My laptop is working fine through the wireless but the Desk Computer downstairs will not go to the internet. Page cannot be displayed and I have tried to Diagnois but it doesn’t do anything. I need the Desk Computer to use my scanner and scan some documents. Help

Go left click on START,

Left click on Control Panel,

Left click on Internet Options or Network and Internet Connecitons

Notice the TABS at the top – Left Click on Connections

Opens Internet Properties – Click on LAN settings

Local Area Network (LAN) Settings

After you UNCHECK EVERYTHING it should look like this:

CLICK OK and close everything else and try your internet explorer again…

Connected to Denise… using Crossloop –

Ran SuperAnti Spyware

Re-installed Microsoft Security Essentials

Cleared out Temp and Temp internet files

Cleared Admin Event Viewer

Thank you,

Jim Tracy

Computer, Network, Service & Support, L.L.C.

We Work with People!

24×7 Emergency Service CALL (314) 732-1454


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